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0086-571-87830555, 0086-571-87648931

0086-571-87831899, 0086-571-87648932

Quality control

Pursuing high quality is our immutable philosophy. Advanced and complete inspection and test equipment, strict quality control process ensure the quality of our products reaches the internationally advanced level.

Outline Measurement

Roundness Test

Length Measure

                       Clutch Life Testing Machine

Cooperation with the Scientific Research Institutes

CAD Design

Accelerated Bearing Life Testing Mach

Figure Shaping

Hardness Monitoring

Vibration Noise Test

Field of Production:

1% of quality defects wiil lead to 100%disaster to clients.

Patent Certificates

High-tech Enterprises in Hangzhou

PPAP file

IATF:16949 Certificate

Enterprise Standard

TEL: 0086-571-87830555    FAX: 0086-571-87831899   Email: Factory Address: Shuanpu Industrial Zone. Westlake District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. 310024     
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