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Clutch Bearing

Various of  Clutch Release Bearings, more than 500 types different shapes, applying in the most of American, European, Korean, Janpanese, Asian car and truckes.

Each product develops according to the principles "Professional Design, Well Elaboration, Strict Regulations"

More than 50% of the output are OEM quality bearings.

TBC is the leader of stamping ring by GCr15 bearing steel plate in China.

TBC Clutch Release Bearings of buses & trucks have been already widely used for city buses and coaches, after improvements and technical innovations, has been proved to be consistency in high quality, steady warranty.

The Grease of Clutch Release Bearing is all used in imported high quality, high temperature resistant grease.

TEL: 0086-571-87830555    FAX: 0086-571-87831899   Email: Factory Address: Shuanpu Industrial Zone. Westlake District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. 310024     
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